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General Rules

1. Definition of Terms
  1. The term "Exhibition Management" means Korea Display Industry Association (KDIA) who manages the Exhibition.
  2. The term "Exhibitor" means an organization or an individual confirmed of participation in the Exhibition by the Exhibition Management.
2. Application and Payment
  1. The minimum booth size is one booth(9sqm) and the total space can be incremented in one booth(9sqm) size.
  2. Application should be made by completing the application form and forwarding it to the Exhibition Management. The Exhibitor should pay a minimum 50% of the total booth rental charges within 14 days upon application and the balance no later than June 30st, 2021.
3. Period and Time Available for Working in the Exhibition Area
  1. The Exhibitor is allowed to use the Exhibition area from Aug 25rd to 27th, 2021 (3 days)
  2. During the Exhibition, exhibition halls will be open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily (7 hours).
  3. Before or after the Exhibition, Exhibition halls will be open 8:00 am to 8:00 pm daily (12 hours). If extra use is required, the Exhibitor must pay overtime charge.
4. Booth Assignment
  1. In booth space allocation, priority will be given first to the applied booth size and second to the application day(first-come-first-served basis).
  2. The Exhibition Management has the authority to make any adjustments to booth space assignment if it is necessary for efficient management of the Exhibition and assumes no responsibility for this.
  3. The Exhibitor is not allowed to sublet or transfer in whole or in part the assigned space to a third party.
  4. Booth location assignment starts from June and it should be processed on public. Exhibitor’s booths who apply after July are supposed to be located at the zone of rest of booth allocation by organizers on the basis of booth size and first-come first served.
  5. In case exhibitors who submit false booth plan or not obey limited booth height and related rules, Organizer shall dismantle its booth on site and the exhibitor could not join next year’s IMID exhibition.
5. Liability
  1. The Exhibitor should display only exhibits stipulated in the application form and have its staff(s) remain at the booth during the Exhibition.
  2. The Exhibition management will, to the best of its ability, take all steps for the safety of the exhibits and other goods in the best interest of Exhibitors. However, the Exhibition Management can not assume responsibility for any losses, theft, fire, or events beyond its own control. It is recommended that the Exhibitor carry insurance on all exhibit materials.
  3. The Exhibition Management, at any time before or during the Exhibition, reserves the authority to refuse any application and participation if it judges that the exhibit material is not suitable for the purpose of the Exhibition.
  4. Exhibits should not be sold during the Exhibition period without the permission of the Exhibition Management.
  5. The Exhibition Management has the authority to keep specific persons from entering the Exhibition area.
6. Installation and Restoration
  1. The Exhibitor should erect and decorate its booth and bring the exhibits within the period permitted.
  2. In case of Standard Booth, the booth will be erected by the Exhibition Management.
  3. When the Exhibition is completed, the Exhibitor is responsible for removing its installation and materials and restoring the Exhibition area to its original condition within the period stipulated by the Exhibition Management. The Exhibitor should indemnify the Exhibition Management for any losses by delay or damage to the Exhibition area.
7. Limitation of Exhibit Height, Booth Height and Fire Safety
  1. The height of exhibits and decorations should not exceed the limit imposed by the Exhibition Management, who will consider the size and location of each booth.
  2. All materials used in decoration must be non-flammable in accordance with pertinent statutes and regulations of fire safety.
  3. Limitation on Booth Height
    The maximum booth heights will be accordance with booth location and scale. For efficient composition of the exhibition site, however, the organizer’s secretariat may designate the maximum heights at its discretion according to each case
    Booth Type Details Max. Booth Height
    • Shell Scheme Booth – 4m
    • Raw Space Booth – 5m

    * Raw space booth(Space Only) must be applied to when Exhibitor's booth is more than 2 Booths

8. Limitation on Exhibit Weight
  1. For exhibits exceeding 1.5 tons per sqm, the Exhibitor must get approval from the Exhibition Management and COEX prior to the Exhibition.
  2. The Exhibitor should pay close attention to disperse the weight in a way to avoid a concentrated load when handling the heavy weight materials or equipment in the Exhibition area.
9. Breach of Contract
  1. The Exhibition Management may cancel the participation application unilaterally in the following cases:
    • a) The Exhibitor does not pay the participation fee in full within the period stipulated, or
    • b) The Exhibitor cancels participation on his own will or refuses to use part or all of the assigned booth area, or
    • c) The Exhibitor violates any of these participation regulations or engages in behavior undermining the promotion of the Exhibition.
  2. The Exhibitor violates any of these participation regulations or engages in behavior undermining the promotion of the Exhibition. 2) If the contract is cancelled for any of the reasons in 1) above, the participation fee already paid will not be refunded. However, if contract cancellation by an Exhibitor who has paid the full participation fee is unavoidable due to company liquidation, etc., and such cancellation request is submitted in writing, the Exhibition Management may make refunds as below:
    Receipt Date of Cancellation Request Letter Refund Amount
    Until June 30st, 2021
    Until July 16st, 2021
    After July 17st, 2021
  3. Non-refundable charges or fees may not be transferred to be used in the next IMID Exhibition.
  4. If the Exhibition is cancelled or postponed due to force majeure, governmental instruction or any other reason, the Exhibitors should comply with the decision of the Exhibition Management.
10. Limitation on the Emission of Excessive Noise and Prohibition of Events
  1. Exhibitors who display audio-acoustic equipment should install a separate, closed acoustic room to prevent noise disturbance or prepare individual-use head/earphones and should not cause hindrance or inconvenience to business discussions of nearby Exhibitors.
  2. If it is judged that excessive noise from an exhibit degrades the business atmosphere in the Exhibition area, the Exhibition Management may take appropriate action such as cutoff of electricity, shutdown or removal of booths, and the relevant Exhibitor may not request any compensation to the Exhibition Management.
  3. The Exhibitor is not allowed to conduct events in areas adjacent to passages ways or aisles in the Exhibition area.
11. General Information, Supplementary Clauses, Observation of Regulations
  1. The Exhibition Management will prepare and provide Exhibitor's Manual to the Exhibitors that include various information needed to carry out the Exhibition.
  2. The Exhibition Management has the authority to enact supplementary clauses for more efficient management of the Exhibition. The Exhibitor should observe such supplementary clauses as well as the regulations.
  3. The Exhibitors should also observe all regulations of Exhibition & Convention Center (COEX).
12. Interpretation of Regulations
  1. If there arises any difference in opinion between the Exhibitor and Association regarding these regulations, the Exhibitor should follow the Exhibition Management’s interpretation and decisions.


​Please follow the guidelines below to complete your application form:

1. Please read the "IMID 2021 General Rules and Regulations" fully before completing the application form:

2. Download the application form:


3. Please complete the application form electronically or by hand.

4. Send your application by email to:

5. If you have problems submitting your application please call +82-2-3014-5702.


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