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Event Name On-Site Seminar in K-Display 2023
Date Aug. 16(wed) ~ 18(fri), 2023
Venue The stage, A hall, COEX
Participants Exhibitors in the exhibition and visitors
Main program Announcement of new technologies/products from exhibitors and K-Display 2023 Award winning works, etc.

Promotion schedule

June July beginning of Aug. Aug.16(wed)~18(fri)
Conduct survey of
demand for participants
Confine sessions and
prepare presentation topics
Final confirmation
announcement of Program
Operate On-Site Seminar

<Main Schedule of On-Site Seminar>

Date Session Time Subject Company
8.16(wed) 22th
K-Display Awards
13:30~13:40 META Technology for OLED LG Display
8.16(wed) 13:40~13:50 LCoS panel SELCOS CO., LTD.
8.16(wed) 13:50~14:00 OLED Mask Cleaner DEVICEENG Co., Ltd.
8.16(wed) 14:00~14:10 Industrial Inkjet Printing System UniJet Co., Ltd
8.16(wed) 14:10~14:20 Paricle counting/verification system(SG20) Jedex Inc
8.16(wed) 14:20~14:30 Display Simulation Tools Sanayi System Co., Ltd.
8.16(wed) 14:30~15:00 BREAK
8.16(wed) 15:00~15:10 UPC Plus technology Samsung Display
8.16(wed) 15:10~15:20 Film-type Transparent LED Display APS Inc.
8.16(wed) 15:20~15:30 Spectroradiometer for AR/VR Device Radiant Solution
8.16(wed) 15:30~15:40 Customized Thickness Measuring Solution for Thin Glass KAIS
8.16(wed) 15:40~15:50 Flexible Transparent Conductive Film "Nabil" MSWAY Co., Ltd.
8.16(wed) 15:50~16:00 Micro-LED(Monolithic RGB technology) LUMENS CO., LTD
Date Session Time Subject Company
Date Session Time Subject Company
8.17(thu) Display Carbon Neutrality Seminar 10:30~10:40 Status and overview of greenhouse gas emissions in the display panel industry Korea Display Industry Association
8.17(thu) 10:40~11:20 Responding to carbon neutrality and renewable energy conversion in the display panel industry Samsung Display, LG Display
8.17(thu) 11:20~11:30 Q&A All
8.17(thu) 11:30~13:30 BREAK
8.17(thu) K-Display 2023 Participants Announce Technology/Products 14:00~14:20 Contactless Inspection Equipment for Vertical Micro LED TOP Engineering Co.,Ltd
8.17(thu) 14:20~14:40 A new inspection method for metal compound semiconductor thin films EngiOn Co., Ltd.
8.17(thu) 14:40~15:00 ntroduction to the LMK Display Optical Instrumentation Automation System ISSOFT
8.17(thu) 15:00~15:20 Extended reality (XR) technology to transfer professional know-how easily and quickly VIRNECT
8.17(thu) 15:20~15:40 Display solution for viewing 3D content without glasses psholix
8.17(thu) 15:40~16:00 Introduction to Display Test Certification KTC
Date Session Time Subject Company
8.18(fri) ETRI Display Materials, Parts and Equipment Enterprise Support (N-LAB) Networking Workshop 10:20~11:00 Introduce of the ETRI Display Material, Parts and Equipment Company Support Program (N-LAB) ETRI
8.18(fri) 11:00~11:20 [Support Review 1] Flexible pixel defining film material for OLED LTC
8.18(fri) 11:20~11:40 [Support Review 2] Flexible OLED devices for medical device applications (Asan Medical Center) Asan Medical Center
8.18(fri) 11:40~12:00 [Support Review 3] Flexible display substrate separation/detachment material EVERchemTECH

* The above schedule may be changed depending on the situation

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Deadline ~Aug. 4(fri)
application method Download application form, Fill in the contents and reply to the email
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