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Event Name Overseas Buyer Trading Meeting in K-Display 2023
Date Aug. 17(thu)~18(fri), 2023
Venue Room 300, Coex
Invitation target Chinese display panel company executives and purchasing, technical personnel with investment plans
Main program Trade consultations, welcome dinner, booth tours, visiting domestic display companies, etc.

Promotion schedule

(Finding and matching)
(Schedule confirmation)
(1:1 Trade consultation)
Conducting a survey for participants
matching buyers and demand companies after review
consultation schedule confirmed
Advance exchange of information between personnel
- On-site consultation
* Depending on buyer matching demand, all desired consultations may not proceed

<Main Schedule of Overseas Buyer Trading Meetings>

time Aug.17(thu) Aug.18(fri)
11:00~12:00 (a.m.) 1:1 consultation meeting Booth tours
(officially + individually)
14:00~15:00 Corporate visits ①
15:00~16:00 (p.m.) 1:1 consultation meeting
16:00~17:00 Corporate visits ②
17:30~ Welcome dinner
* The above schedule may be changed depending on the situation


1:1 Trade consultation

Welcome dinner

Visiting domestic display companies

1:1 Trade consultation - Based on pre-matched schedule, 1:1 trade consultation between Chinese display panel company representatives with investment plans and domestic participants
* Date/Venue : Aug.17(thu) 11:00~13:00, 15:00~17:30 / Room 300, COEX
Welcome dinner - Networking dinner between Chinese display panel company representatives and domestic participating companies
* Date/Venue : Aug.17(thu) 17:30~ / TBD
Booth tours Tour the booth of the company that participated in consultation and K-Display 2023
* Date/Venue : Aug.18(fri) 11:00~13:00 / A hall, COEX
* Specific movements and details will be announced after recruiting participating companies
Visiting domestic display companies Survey and selection of domestic display companies preferred by Chinesebuyers
* Date/Venue : Aug.18(fri) 14:00~17:00 / TBD
* The above programs may be changed depending on the situation
* KDIA will support various matters such as interpreters and the charter bus for visiting domestic companies

Application guide

Deadline Jul.14(fri)
Application method Apply online (click "Go to Apply" at the bottom)
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