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Beyond Display Technology to Business!

Display Business Forum is a worldwide forum organized by KDIA, which is a premier business venue where more than 350 research experts and business leaders of display industry meet to forcast the future display market and share the latest trends.

In particular for this year, not only the latest trends of display technology leads to business area, we also have prepared sessions to discuss trends and prospects of new display market such as AR/VR and mobility.

Through presentations penentrate latest trends and various exchange programs every year, Display Business Forum is firmly established as a venue where display industry, academic, research officials gather together to share knowledge and strengthen networking each other.

About Display Business Forum 2023

Title Display Business Forum 2023
Date 17th(Thu)~18th(Fri), August, 2023
Venue Coex Exhibition Center Room 401, Seoul, Korea
Attendee 350 Experts in Display Industry-Academia-Research
Organizer Korea Display Industry Association

Features of Display Business Forum 2023

1. The venue where big panel makers’ megatrends and roadmaps are announced 2. Milestone to discuss trends and directions in the display industry

- Presenting a business-view convergence direction between display industry and emerging promising technology such as XR, mobility industry
- Check display trends in major display countries and the application of the display industry to recent issues such as ESG and the environment policy
- The Technology of display material, parts, and equipment is announced, which audience used to help developing business startegies

Contact Us

If you have any problems or inquiry, please feel free to contact to the Display Business Forum 2023 Secretariat.

- E-mail lby@kdia.org
- Tel +82-2-3014-5721
- Fax +82-2-556-2234

Display Business Forum 2023 Program Committee

위원 명단

기관명 성명 직급 비고
Kyung Hee University Jang, Jin Professor Chair
Bandi Contortia Seok, Jun Hyung CEO Co-Chair
LG Display Yang, Joon Young Vice President
Samsung Display Kim, Yong Jo Vice President
SFA Yoon, Hyungseok Vice President
Jusung Engineering Kim, Heon Do President
APS Holdings Kim, Chi woo Vice Chairman
Dongjin Semichem Kim, Byung Wook Vice President
Chunbo Chemical Park, Il Sung Vice President
Dongwoo Fine-chem Kim, Sang Tae Head of R&D Department
ETRI Lee, Jeong-Ik Senior Vice President
KETI Lee, Jeongno Senior Director
Chungnam Techno Park Kim, Min Seok Head of Center
KDIA Lee, Sang Jin Director