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Time Day1(8.13(Tue))
Topic Speaker
09:00~12:00 【Opening & Keynote】
  09:30~10:00 Recent Advances in III-Nitrides for High Efficiency 1 to 40 micron scale MicroLED Devices for Displays and AI Communication UCSB, Professor
Shuji Nakamura
  10:00~10:30 Display Technologies for the AI Era Samsung Display, Vice President
Chang Hee, LEE
  10:30~11:00 New Opportunities for the Display Industry LG Display, CTO
Soo Young, Yoon
  11:00~11:30 Micro LED Displays Lead to Infinite Possibilities AUO, CEO and President
Frank Ko
11:30~13:30 Lunch Break
13:30~14:30 【Session 2】 Global Market Trend Analysis
  13:30~13:50 Display Market Outlook 2024-2025 Senior Director, Displays
David Hsieh
  13:50~14:10 China Display Market Enter into Next Era CINNO, CEO
Sally Chen
  14:10~14:30 Big Picture of FPD Market DSCC, Asian Operations President
Yoshio Tamura
14:30~15:00 【Special Session】 Introduction of promising companies - I
  14:30~14:40 Korea Display Innovation Process Center, Center Director, Byeong-Hwa Jung
  14:40~14:50 TBD (Invest India, Vice President, Vinod Subramanian)
  14:50~14:55 Dongwoo Fine-chem
  14:55~15:00 Pulseforge
15:00~15:20 Break
15:20~17:00 【Session 3】 Trends on Display Convergence ( Set / Automotive / AI)
  15:20~15:40 The Best Display Solution for SDV LG Display, Vice President
Ki Hwan Son
  15:40~16:00 Emerging Trends and Future Prospects in Vehicle Display Technology KATI, President of Innopolis Campus
Mi Hye Oh
  16:00~16:20 Emerging Trends and Applications of AI in the Display Industry Sogang University, Professor
Suk-Ju Kang
  16:20~16:40 The Future of the Display Industry Brought by AI Samsung Display, Vice President
Jae Won Kim
  16:40~17:00 Smart Factory Trend & Commercialization Trend SFA, Principal R&D Engineer
Hae Won Lee
  17:00~17:20 TBD Samsung Electronics, Project Manager
Jeong Ho Lee
Time Day2(8.14(Wed))
Topic Speaker
09:40~12:00 【Session 4】 Business Trend I (Micro LED)
  09:40~10:00 The Road to Production of MicroLED Display Playnitride, CEO
Charles Li
  10:00~10:20 Display Innovation using R,G,B stacked microLED Seoul Viosys, Vice President
Kim Chang-yeon
  10:20~10:40 The Development and Roadmap of Sanan MicroLED Sanan, Vice President
Huang Shaohua
  10:40~11:00 The Road to Commercialisation and Mass Production of MicroLED Displays for AR and Wearable Applications Porotech, CEO
Tong Tong Zhu
  11:00~11:20 Recent progress of Micro-LEDs displays in China Sustech, Associate Professor
Liu Zhaojun
  11:20~11:40 Recent Development and Prospect of Taiwan’s Display Industry NYCU, Professor
Janglin Chen
  11:40~12:00 Development of GaN Based MicroLED Devices for full color Projection Displays and High Speed Visible Light Communication UCSB, Professor
Steven Denbaars
12:00~14:00 Lunch Break
14:00~15:40 【Session 5】 Business Trend II (OLED / QD)
  14:00~14:20 OLED Display Industry Outlook and Insights UBI research, CEO
Chunghoon YI
  14:20~14:40 Development of pigments for display DIC, GM
Akira Kimura
  14:40~15:00 Company Overview and Activities in Korea Idemitsu, Vice President
Hideaki Nagashima
  15:00~15:20 Development of Cd-free Quantum Dots for Industrial Applications SAIT, Master
Tae-Gon Kim
  15:20~15:40   TBD
15:40~15:50 【Special Session】 Introduction of promising companies - II
  15:40~15:45 Dongjin Semichem
  15:45~15:50 TBD
15:50~16:10 Break
16:10~17:30 【Session 6】 Business Trend III (AR / VR / XR)
  16:10~16:30 High Resolution Color Patterning for AR/VR and IT Displays APS, Vice Chairman
Chi Woo Kim
  16:30~16:50 Recent Advances in Optical Materials Towards Small-Form Factor, Full Immersive AR Headsets Merck, Head of AR/VR Business Development
Richard Harding
  16:50~17:10 Current Status and Challenges of China's OLEDoS Industry SiDTek, Sales Director
Woo Nam-Jae
  17:10~17:30 Recent Achievements in Microdisplay R&D at Fraunhofer IPMS Fraunhofer, Head of Business Unit
Uwe Vogel
17:30~17:40 【Special Session】 Introduction of promising companies - III
  17:30~17:35 TBD
  17:35~17:40 TBD
17:40~18:00 Break
18:00~20:00 VIP Banquet