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Time Schedule

Check List Deadline Remarks
1st Early-Bird Application ~February 28th 10% discount
2nd Early-Bird Application ~April 30th 5% discount
Regular Application ~June 30th First-come, First-served
Booth Allocation July 1 ~ Priority will be given first to the booth size and second to the application date
Invitation Ticket ~July 9th Free invitation tickets are issued to exhibitor firms only for the marketing
Manuscript for Online Directory ~July 23rd Information of exhibitors will be shown on IMID 2021 website
Company Name on Stand Fascia ~July 30th Shell scheme only
Design Drawings ~July 30th Raw space only
Exhibitor Badge ~July 30th Resident personnel of the exhibitors during the exhibition period
Additional Technical Service ~July 30th Electricity, internet LAN, visitors data management system, etc.
Additional Equipment ~July 30th Exhibitors may fabricate their own interior materials and equipment
Booth Construction August 22nd ~ 24th 08:00~20:00
Exhibition Period August 25th ~ 27th 10:00~17:00
Booth Dismantle/Move-out August 27th ~ 28th Augest 27th(17:00~20:00)
Augest 28th(08:00~20:00)

* The schedule is subject to change according to circumstances.