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Aug. 11(Thu), 2022 - Day1

Time Topic Speaker
09:15~09:30 Opening
09:30~11:30 【KeynoteⅠ】 Display Megatrend(Technological Roadmaps of Big Panel Makers)
Chair : Seok, Jun Program Committee Chair
09:30~10:10 QD-OLED : Redefining your Visual Experience Samsung Display
Sun, Ho Corporate EVP / Head of Corporate Office
Shah, Chirag C Principal Professional / GTM Part Leader
10:10~10:50 OLED, The Evolutionary Experience and New Application LG Display
Kang, Michael(Wonseok) Vice President
10:50~11:30 The Technical Characteristics of Outer Foldable and Slidable AMOLED BOE
Zhu, Hong Manager
11:30~11:45 【Special Ⅰ】 Special Session 1
11:30~11:35 QD Capsule Technology and Thin QD Film Innoqd
Kwon, Oh Kwan Director
11:35~11:40 Functional adhesive material for flexible/foldable OLED display panel O-Flex
You Hyunjee, Managing director / R&D Center director
11:40~11:45 Hinges for foldable panels AUFLEX
Lee, Iksoo President
11:45~13:30 Lunch
13:30~15:10 【Session 2】 Large Display Technology Trends
Chair : Lee, Jeong-Ik Program Committee
13:30~13:55 A Beam of Light and its Changing World Hisense
Zhong, Qiang General Manager
13:55~14:20 Application trend of Mini/Micro-LED technology CSOT
Zheng, Feng Dr.
14:20~14:45 New-generation display technology innovation and cross-domain applications AUO
Daniel Lee Director
14:45~15:10 PixeLED Display Solutions for MicroLED Manufacturing Playnitride
Li, Yun-Li(Charles) CEO
15:10~15:25 【Special Ⅱ】 Special Session 2
15:10~15:15 Ultrahigh Strain Film Actuators
((d33>6,000pC/N) for Cinematic Sound OLED
Lee. Ho-Yong CEO
15:15~15:20 uc-FMM(Fine Metal Mask) for the large size and large glass Olum Material
Lee, Byung Il CTO / Vice president
15:20~15:25 Rapid prototyping using conductive and insulating materials
at micrometer scale for display components
Miroslaw Woszczyna
15:25~15:40 Break
15:40~17:45 【Session 3】 Technology Trends in Material, Parts and Equipment Ⅰ
Chair : Kim, Chi Woo Program Committee
15:40~16:05 Printed Device Performance of Polymer-OLED Materials Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
Yamada, Takeshi General Manager
16:05~16:30 Manufacture of 8.5G OLED displays for IT applications APS Research
Kim, Chi Woo CEO
16:30~16:55 Advanced Laser Technologies for State-of-the-Art and
Next Generation OLED and MicroLED Displays
Haupt, Oliver Director
16:55~17:20 Trend in material development for new design
and process of OLED Panels
ENF Technology
Kim, Sang Il VP
17:20~17:45 Technology Research and prospect of MicroLED Chips
for Next Generation Display Application
HC Semitek
Wu, Zhihao General Manager

Aug. 12(Fri), 2022 - Day2

Time Topic Speaker
09:15~09:30 Opening
09:30~11:30 【Session 4】 Display market and industrial policy trends
Chair : Jang, Jin Program Committee Chair
09:30~10:00 Display Supply Demand Analysis and Forecast OMDIA
Park, Jin Han(Ricky) Director
10:00~10:30 China Display Market Development Trend CINNO
Chen, Sally CEO
10:30~11:00 ESG strategy and application status to material business SK Materials BM Innovation Center
Kim, Wansung Chief of Center
11:00~11:30 The Policy direction and technology development for
carbon neutrality in the display industry
Park, Yeong Ho PD
11:30~11:45 【Special Ⅲ】 Special Session 3
11:30~11:35 Heat Spreading composite sheet & Heat Sheet Genecoat
Hwang, Jung Tae CEO
11:35~11:40 Introduction of the TYPE-C Tethered type AR Glass and
Helmet mounted AR Glass
Choi, Yongkyu CEO
11:40~11:45 Display for Dogs, DOGSPLAY Sunny Wave Tech
Lee, YongGeun CTO/Vice President
11:45~13:30 Lunch / VIP Tour & Luncheon
13:30~15:10 【Session 5】 Display Technology Convergence
Chair : Lee, Jeongno Program Committee
13:30~13:55 Introduce LCOS Micro-display Amplitude Panel & Digital
Holographic SLM Panel
Jang, Dong Hoan Executive Director
13:55~14:20 Micro-display for XR(AR/VR/MR) Raontech
Kim, Brian CEO
14:20~14:45 Quantum dot materials and their applications Finelab
Song, Jin Won CEO
14:45~15:10 Development of QD Ink for Quantum dot color conversion Solus Advanced Materials. Co. Ltd,.
Kim, ChoongHahn General Manager / Team Leader
15:10~15:20 Break
15:20~16:35 【Session 6】 Trends on OLED Material
Chair : Lee, Jeongno Program Committee
15:20~15:45 Development status of high-color purity blue luminescent materials SK Materials
Ikuta, Toshiaki JNC / Chief Technical Officer
15:45~16:10 Introduction to supercomputer-aided design of electronic materials
and recent development of an OLED materials simulator
Kim, Han Seul Senior Researcher
16:10~16:35 First, Faster, Further : Competitive Advantage with
Next-Generation Materials Development
Brown, Chris Executive Director Materials Discovery
16:35~16:45 Break
16:45~18:00 【Session 7】 Technology Trends in Material, Parts and Equipment Ⅱ
Chair : Lee, Jeong-Ik Program Committee
16:45~17:10 Cololess Polyimide Film and Its Recent Progress Kolon Industries, Inc.
Song, Sangmin Principal Researcher / Group Manager
17:10~17:35 Technical Descriptions and market trends related to UTG CosesGT
Lee, Il Jae CEO
17:35~18:00 Legacy & Reinvention – Display in Korea Corning
Sohn, Min Ho Senior Vice President