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Event Name Overseas Buyer Trading Meetings in K-Display 2022
Date Aug. 10(wed)~11(thu), 2022
Place Room 309~316, Coex
Invitation target Executives and purchasing/technical representatives of overseas display companies such as China, Vietnam, and Germany
Main program Trade consultations, booth tours, welcome dinners, corporate visits, between foreign companies and exhibition participants

<Main Schedule of Overseas Buyer Trading Meetings>

Aug. 10(wed) Aug. 11(thu)
11:00~12:00 (a.m.) 1:1 consultation meeting Booth tours(officially)
12:00~13:00 Booth tours(individually)
14:00~15:00 Corporate visits ①
15:00~16:00 (p.m.) 1:1 consultation meeting
16:00~17:00 Corporate visits ②
17:00~18:00 The consultation dinner

Promotion plan

Operate 1:1 inter-company trade consultation based on pre-matched schedules between invited Chinese panel companies, German and Vietnam display companies and exhibition participants

Scale Operate around 10 consultation booths
operation method Conduct consultations in pre-arranged corporate conference rooms

* Support for Korean-Chinese/Korean-English Interpreters

<Overseas Buyer Trading Meetings Process>

  • Finding demand

    Collect companies and fields you wish to meet for participants(online)

  • Finding overseas buyer

    Find buyers after delivering corporate demand to buyers

  • Matching confirmed

    Matching confirmation and prior information exchange between representatives

  • 1:1 trade consultation

    On-site consultation

* Depending on buyer matching demand, all desired consultations may not proceed
* The discovered buyer list will be updated every Tuesday

Booth tours Conduct booth tours of major customers Introduce companies, and expand opportunities to promote superior technology to companies that have applied in advance

* Each company shall proceed within 5 minutes, and specific movements will be produced after recruiting participating companies

Networking Dinner Operation of networking dinner between invited buyers, overseas related organizations, and event participants

* Date : Aug.10 (Wed) p.m. 6:00 ~ 8:00 / Oakwood Premier Hotel COEX (5F)

Corporate visits Visits to buyer Corporates for desired companies

* Date: Aug. 11(thu) p.m. 2:00~3:00, 4:00-5:00
* Provided by KDIA such as buyer-moving chartered bus, lunch, interpretation, etc

Promotion schedule

In Jun. The end of Jun. In Jul. The end of Jul. Aug. 10~12
Conduct a survey
on the desired demand for counseling for participants
Review panel
needs and match
the team
Meeting scheduling Confirmation of
meeting schedule
Hold Overseas
Buyer Trading

Document Submission Process

Deadline ~Jul. 7(thu)
application method Download application form, Fill in the contents and reply to the email
Ask Lee Byung-yoon, Manager, KDIA(02-3014-5721/lby@kdia.org)
Kim Min-sun, General Manager(02-565-0501/gmeg_sunny@naver.com)
Reply Kim Min-sun, General Manager, GMEG(02-565-0501/gmeg_sunny@naver.com)