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Event Name K-Display 2022 Award
Main Contents Select 12 outstanding technologies and products that will honor K-Display 2022
Prize winners at the opening ceremony and New Technology/Product Presentation
Operate the Special Zone
Participation Participation of K-Display 2022
Scale of Award Total 12(6 Minister prizes & 6 President of the KDIA prizes)
Evaluate Contribution of display industry development
Technical and economic ripple dffect
Benefit Present the prize
Operate the Special Zone
Announce a news release

<Main Schedule of K-Display 2022 Award>

Classification Contents Date
Submission of product
and technical data
Product name, model name, technical name, difference from other products, etc

* See attached form application for detailed instructions

~ Jul.6(WED)
Selection evaluation
by prize committee
Application for difficulty and originality of development technology, technical/economic ripple effect, revenue substitution ripple effect, job creation, etc
Comprehensive evaluation focusing on ①products, information technology, ②market and economic feasibility
In Jul.
Examination by Public Service Council Of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy's Examination of Rewards by Public Service Council Of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy's In Jul.
Announcement of
Selected Companies
Announcement of Final Selection Companies The end of Jul.
Distribution of company
promotional materials
Distribution of award-winning company promotional press releases, including show guide B The beginning of Aug.
Awards (undecided) In K-Display 2022 Opening Ceremony Award, Present the prize

* The award schedule is subject to change according to circumstances(re-announced scheduled)

Aug. 10(undecided)

Example of K-Display 2022 Award

Principal benefits

① Present the prize

In K-Display 2022 Opening Ceremony Award, Present the prize(undecided, re-announced scheduled)

② Establishment of the promotion zone in the exhibition hall

Establish a separate promotion zone to introduce product information and technology for award-winning companies
* Publishing the award name, basic information on the winning company, detailed information on the winning product, etc
* The location of the promotion zone and the draft plan are subject to change according to circumstances

③ Free support for exhibition sponsorship program (show guide B)

Mark the location of the award-winning company separately on the inside of the exhibition show guide

④ Distribution of special press releases

Use major domestic and international media to conduct special reports on awards and introduction of major products/technologies

Document Submission Process

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    ‘Application for invitation ticket and submission of information for operation of exhibition’

  • Download and upload document forms for K-Display 2022 Award