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Beyond Display Technology to Business!

Korea Display Industry Association (KDIA) will host the "Display Business Forum 2024" in Seoul on August 13th (Tuesday) and 14th (Wednesday).

This forum will provide an opportunity to hear from various experts on the current status of the global display market, including IT/Foldable OLED, emissive displays, Micro-LED technology, as well as XR, mobility, and other emerging industries related to displays.

Amidst rapidly changing market dynamics, this event aims to share diverse insights and business strategies for the future of the display industry, catering to the innovators in our display sector who are creating new value. We invite your keen interest and participation.

Keynote Speakers

  • Nakmura Shuji Prof.

  • 이창희 부사장

  • 윤수영 CTO

  • Frank Ko CEO

About Display Business Forum 2024

Title Display Business Forum 2024
Date 13th(Thu)~14th(Wed), August, 2024
Venue Coex Exhibition Center Room 401, Seoul, Korea
Attendee 350 Experts in Display Industry-Academia-Research
Organizer Korea Display Industry Association

Features of Display Business Forum 2024

  • The mega trends and market strategies of major display giants such as SDC, LGD, BOE, along with presentations on the technological status of outstanding SMEs

  • XR, mobility, and future displays are highly regarded as next-generation display technologies, providing a roadmap to understand current technological trends and their integration with business for future developments

  • Through panel-invited roundtable discussions where key panels participate and deliberate on issues within the display industry, it offers a platform for exchanging perspectives and insights from various sectors, fostering an enriching experience of networking and dialogue

  • Through various ancillary events such as K-Display 2024 booth tours, networking receptions, and more, the display industry, academia, and research institutions come together to foster synergy and exchange

Contact Us

If you have any problems or inquiry, please feel free to contact to the Display Business Forum 2024 Secretariat.

- E-mail lby@kdia.org
- Tel +82-2-3014-5721
- Fax +82-2-556-2234